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Post Title: 1992-1995 Civic and del Sol thread
Posted by: Outrun at 3:34 PM 5/25/2016

So I guess we can discuss 92-95 Civics in this thread. I started this thread because I drive a 1994 Civic.

My brother also has a 1994 Civic that he's trying to get rid of because molten metal bits came out the exhaust and the car doesn't start anymore.

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Posted by: cheezthis at 5:19 PM 5/25/2016

Nice capture on the grenading!

Post Title: Re: (cheezthis)
Posted by: Outrun at 9:21 PM 5/25/2016

From what I could tell the car was running rich and would only get about 240-250 miles on one tank of gas. I checked with a timing light and it was spot on a few months ago.

The car started sputtering and my brother was stranded at work. We went to his work one night and I pulled the distributor cap and there was oil due to a broken o-ring. We left it at his work for the next few days waiting for a new distributor that I ordered.

I installed it and the car started instead of just turning over. I was following him home when he put on his hazards and started to pull over. Then all these molten bits started coming out and his car would no longer start. He had it towed to a shop we normally go to, only to find out the next day the shop was evicted the previous day! So his car has been in the parking lot for the past week. I replaced all the spark plugs except #2, which is seized. All three plugs were black and fouled. New spark plugs did not help and the car only turns over.

Turns out the #2 injector wire was taped up. My bro told me rodents chewed it up and he used electrical tape to keep it together. And apparently this was the same time the car started running rich.

I don't have a spare O2 sensor at the moment but not sure if that would help it start up. The CEL was throwing a code 43, which is for fuel system. The fuel pump still primes and you can smell gas when the car turns over.

The cat converter was clogged and the molten bits were pieces of the honeycomb structure inside the cat.

If anyone has ideas on how to get it to start and at least be driven the 14 miles home I'd appreciate it. Otherwise we'll just have it towed, though it will most likely cost over $200 as it cost my bro $180 to have it towed 8 miles.

Post Title: Re: (Outrun)
Posted by: RTW DC2R at 5:40 AM 5/26/2016

Heres my old EG. Swapped my old turbo ITR setup into this car and it was completely gutted aside from two seats. It was a monster, made 525whp on 93 octane. That was a lot on the street 6-7 years ago. I had a 94 del Sol VTEC too (my first delve into the VTEC Honda world), Ill have to see if I can find some pics.

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Posted by: Outrun at 8:54 AM 5/26/2016

I've always wanted Work RSB wheels. They go well with the 93-95 coupes.

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Posted by: cheezthis at 8:12 PM 5/26/2016

A nice example of a Del Sol VTEC...

I instructed a friend who had one many years ago -- fun car!

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Posted by: aw614 at 5:12 AM 5/27/2016

kinda pissed i didn't at least look at the del sol vtec for sale for 3-4 grand, all stock and 130k miles. Would have been a perfect driver vs garage queen. Looked maintained from the pictures I saw...

Post Title: Re: (cheezthis)
Posted by: Outrun at 2:24 PM 5/27/2016

Quote, originally posted by cheezthis »
A nice example of a Del Sol VTEC...

I instructed a friend who had one many years ago -- fun car!

Wow that one looks practically new. Don't know why some of Honda's top models like the del Sol VTEC and the 92-96 Prelude VTEC and the 99-00 Civic Si weren't available in white.

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Posted by: dave7 at 8:03 PM 7/8/2016

I had a 1996 Honda civic turbo back in hs. D16. Ended up putting too much money in it after getting the motor rebuilt a few times. It had a good motor, but the transmission needed work. Was running over 300 whp and 300 wtq. Wonder whatever happened to it. Sold it to a guy in colorado springs.

Oh wait, this thread is for 1992-1995? Meh, I'll delete if necessary.

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Posted by: Dkbmxer-88 at 3:53 AM 7/26/2016

I personally love the del sol. I've owned 3 and would like another.

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Posted by: B18CXr at 4:39 PM 8/25/2016

You got EG questions... I've got answers.

Post Title: Re: (B18CXr)
Posted by: Little_Nolan at 10:50 AM 10/6/2016

^Above post is nothing but win.

Post Title: Re: (Dkbmxer-88)
Posted by: Gotin at 8:42 AM 10/14/2016

Quote, originally posted by Dkbmxer-88 »
I personally love the del sol. I've owned 3 and would like another.

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Posted by: touringteg at 7:03 PM 11/9/2016

I had a black 97 Honda del Sol 265 kms with original B16A2. Very fun car! Last year of production and it had the spoiler, AC, all black seats etc.

Sure the car isn't the most manly but I was certainly surprised how fun it was to drive. With a toddler and a baby on the way it just didn't make sense to keep it.

It had piles of modifications I reversed and put back to OEM stock. It was only missing the CD player and the 97 wheels. It was missing floor mats so I put some old 2001 ITR mats in it.

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