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Post Title: WTB GSR Blades
Posted by: myko at 7:04 AM 12/16/2016

-search is over-

Looking to buy a set of 4, good condition [like the picture above], OEM GSR Blades. I May be negotiable with my offer. MINIMAL wear and tear May be acceptable.

Must have NO curb rashes

Must have NO rust

Must be OEM [must provide wheel ID from behind the wheel]

Must have all 4 center caps

Does not have to come with tires

If your wheels qualify the specifications listed above, simply please provide clear and accurate pictures. Do not waste your time and do not waste mine.

Questions or comments? Feel free to PM


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Posted by: Devon M at 6:57 AM 12/18/2016

Hmotors has a set fs

Post Title: Re: (Devon M)
Posted by: myko at 9:49 AM 12/18/2016

thank you. i've seen. unfortunately it isn't in spectacular condition

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Posted by: thadon805 at 3:35 PM 12/18/2016

Its gonna be hard to find a mint set

Post Title: Re: (thadon805)
Posted by: alexdesignz at 8:20 AM 12/19/2016

Quote, originally posted by thadon805 »
Its gonna be hard to find a mint set
I have seen a few in the San Francisco Craigslist, but yeah not often enough.

Post Title: Re: (alexdesignz)
Posted by: Outrun at 9:29 AM 12/19/2016

Wheel repair shops can make scratched sets look new.

Post Title: Re: (Outrun)
Posted by: myko at 2:29 PM 12/21/2016

even if the curb rash is severe?

what would be the estimated price for a wheel?

& yes I'm aware that it would be difficult to find a near immaculate set, but it won't hurt to still seek out for them.

Post Title: Re: (myko)
Posted by: Outrun at 2:46 PM 12/22/2016

Maybe $50 or so per wheel? My car was hit by an SUV and the two 94 GSR wheels on the right side had severe curb rash. A couple weeks later the wheels looked brand new! It was covered by insurance and I lost the receipts years ago (this was back in 2001).

Found this:

Post Title: Re: (Outrun)
Posted by: myko at 5:22 PM 12/23/2016

oh wow that's really interesting information! i never knew! i'll give it a look thank you!

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Posted by: thadon805 at 11:00 AM 1/6/2017

Theyre still available new lol

Almost $300 per wheel

Post Title: Re: (thadon805)
Posted by: RTW DC2R at 1:34 PM 1/6/2017

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Posted by: dave7 at 8:11 AM 1/24/2017

Not sure if still available: http://inlandempire.craigslist....html

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Posted by: myko at 10:20 AM 1/31/2017

Found an excellent set for $280

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