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 Rules for Non-ITR Specific For Sale forum - Updated 5/3/2011
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  Rules for Non-ITR Specific For Sale forum. Updated 5/3/2011« » Reply  Edit

For selling cars:

1. Sales are limited to any NON Acura Integra Type-R vehicle (any other vehicle/type of vehicle is fine).

2. Pictures and price MUST be included when the thread is created!

3. When posting a Car for sale, you MUST include the State name in the Thread TITLE. For areas such as Southern California "SoCal" is acceptable.

For selling parts:
1. Sales are limited to Automotive parts and mechanical/tuning tools/devices. NO ITR PARTS!

2. If you are parting out a car(s), please make ONE thread with all the parts from the car, instead of a thread for each little part. If you are selling a wide variety of random parts, you can use multiple threads, but one thread is still preferred.

3. Pictures MUST be posted at the TIME that the FS post is created. No more of this will post pictures later.

4. There is no such thing as "pick-up only" here. You are using our site and bandwidth to sell your parts so if you can post it here you CAN ship it. Some exceptions may be made (ie: entire front clips).

5. Price MUST be included with all threads listed. This is not ebay, please post a price.

6. No Bumping of posts unless your thread is off the first page. (there's really no need to bump it from the 3rd thread down to the first)

If you have a problem with any of these rules, simply do not post your ad here. The rules have been made to protect and serve all members of this site. We reserve the right to remove or lock any posts we feel do not meet these terms.

Thanks for your understanding.

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