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 94-01 Acura Integra OEM Parts 2door and 4door, oem bra, kem moonroof visor, 4x100 15x6.5 white Regam
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  94-01 Acura Integra OEM Parts 2door and 4door, oem bra, kem moonroof visor, 4x100 15x6.5 white Regam« » Reply  Edit

-Function7 New license plate frame $25
-Neuspeed used license plate frame $10
-Acura Integra center caps $50
-94-01 black integra 4dr interior mirror garnish
-Integra/civic antenna/wiper rubber  delete plug $8
-edm/ukdm integra honda emblem $25
-chrome H emblem $10
-H emblem with black background $25
-Gold Torneo emblem $20
-Integra gray sunvisor stay clips $20
-integra/civic silver frobt bumper caps $15
-integra/civic oh shit handle delete plug caps 2 gray pairs, 1 tan $15/pair
-oem honda child seat latch hook $15ea. $10 for one without cap
-under dash fusebox $35
-94-97 integra steering wheel with cruise buttons $50
-94-01 integra gauge cluster bezel $20
-94-01 teg /92-95 eg/del sol front passenger control arm with camber kit $30
-94-01 integra +/- battery cable $25
-94-01 integra ashtray with bezel $20
-94-01 integra battery tray $10
-94-01 integra cruise control button $10
-94-01 integra p.s. reservoir bracket $10
-94-01 integra block ps heatshield bracket $10
-B series gsr clutch inspection cover $30
-94-01 Radiator fan oem $30
-94-01 Integra center dome light $25
-94/95 Integra gsr purge canister with evap solenoid and hoses  $120
-94-01 Integra sunvisors gray with clips $25
-94/95 integra abs ecu $15
-integra 94-95 underhood fuse box $30
-integra 94/95 abs fusebox $15
-94-01 integra 4dr trunk rear plastic panel $15
-94-01 integra 4dr behind seat pladtic panel $10
-94-01 integra 4door rear seat latch $10
-94-01 integra front bumper metal strip $20
-94-01 shiftboot $10
-94-01 integra turnsignal housing pair $30
-integra 94-01 clock $10
-integra/del sol/civic front abs lines $40
-94-01 integra door open sensor $10 each
-acura emblem 1 broken tab $5
-oem honda gas cap $10
-94-01 cup holder $10
-94-01 integra gsr rad hoses upper&lower $25
-94-01 integra front subframe bar oem $25
-steering column 94-01 with clock spring and ignition and key $100 (ignition with key $80)
-revotech camber kit one side $20 both sides $35
-cruise control motor and cable $20
-fuel filter bracket with filter and line $25
-94-01 integra 4door gas release/trunk  lever $20 (add $20 for both cables)
-94-01 coolant reservoir with bracket $20
-94-97 climate control subharness $10
-94-01 integra oem rear control arms $40
-94-01 integra 4door rear seat/trunk black carpet $80
-94-01 shifter gut bushings $15
-94-01 spare wheel donut never used $25
-98-01 amber passenger turn signal oem $25
-94-01 integra 4door oem sun/moonroof visor $125
-94-97 integra oem bra $150
-94-01 integra oem interior black door handles $15 each or all 4 for 50$
-94-01 integra engine splash shield $30
-94-01 oem integra front support reinforcement bar, 1 silver and 1white, both oem $40, add $30 for styrofoam and both plastic caps
-94-01 oem integra 4door rear bumper support reinforcement bar with styrofoam  $60
-94-01 integra 2door rear strut access plastic black covers $35
-94-01 integra black passenger interior handle
-94-01front passenger, rear passenger, rear driver door with working power windows oem, $100 ea or a deal for 2 or all 3. Frost white oaint oem nh-538
-integra 94-01 windshield cowl with wiper nozzle hoses $40
-94-01 frost white paint nh538 gas tank door lid $25

-Rare discontinued Desmond regamaster EVO wheels 15x6.5" 4x100 bolt pattern. Two are +35 offset and the other two are +45 offset.
Original white finish with original decals.
Perfect wheels to use as is, or to get refinished.
Both of the +35 offset wheels have been cracked on the inner lip but were professionally repaired/welded. Has not leaked in the 10k+ miles they've been on my car. One of the +45 offset wheels has a slight bend on the outside, and has never led to air leakage in the 10k+ miles they've been on my car. These are forged aluminum wheels, strong and the lightest in their size @ 8.8lbs
205/50/15 Federal RS-R two are 75% other two need replaced in a few thouand miles

$1,150 with tires
$1,050 no tires.

Located in socal for pickup.

Most prices are priced to sell

Or you pay shipping and paypal fee

I can be reached at:

[img]http://cimg0.ibsrv.net/gimg/honda-tech.com-vbulletin/2000x1504/80-20161003_144958_178b972d861870479c52b5f894293e14ef5f5497.jpg/img] [img] [url]http://cimg9.ibsrv.net/gimg/honda-tech.com-vbulletin/416x301/80-20161003_150122_edfbd39651ab418a310eb65820a9067cfe5fde0c.jpg[/img]


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