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 ITR Expo 16 - Schedule, Annoucements, etc.
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The following was emailed to registered attendees last week. Those who registered afterwards might have missed it. See below, thanks!



We are only a few days out from Integra Type-R Expo 16 at VIR and are looking forward to seeing everyone soon. Furthermore, we will have Peter Cunningham from RealTime Racing joining us again and discussing things such as the TLX-GT program, NSX GT3 development program, and sharing some of his own Integra Type-R collection.

For last minute items, TMI Racing Products, located at the track, will have helmets, safety items, and more. Please contact Don Frady at Don.frady@tmiracing.com or 434.822.6390 ahead of time or simply visit the shop. They will have 10% off on all Pyrotect and/or OMP safety equipment for event participants as well.

When you arrive at VIR, you will need to sign a waiver at the gate and continue into the North Paddock. In the North Paddock, you will need to check-in at registration. Registration is scheduled to open at 6:30 PM and closes at 8:30 PM on Tuesday.

Map: http://itrexpo.com/eventdocs/ITRExpo16.VIR.jpg

Gates open at VIR at 5:30 PM on Tuesday. However, if you have a room at VIR, you can check-in at the following times:

Villas 3 PM
Lodge 4 PM
Paddock Suites 5:30 PM
Schedule: http://itrexpo.com/eventdocs/i...2.pdf

If you are driving on track, you will need to pass tech inspection. Please see below for the rules and tech inspection form.

Rules: http://www.itrexpo.com/rules.php

Tech: http://www.itrexpo.com/tech/ExpoTech.pdf

Please have your tech form filled out prior to the event. This will save everyone a lot of time during tech inspection.

Banquet: Wednesday evening, we will visit TMI Auto Tech, home of the Ariel Atom, for our banquet. Please arrive before 6:30 PM for a group photo at the shop during sunset! Banquet will have food, microbrews from some of our own members, as well as a local winery offering tastings during dinner. The event is also BYOB, but please remember to be responsible.

Safe travels! We look forward to seeing everyone in a few days. If you have any questions, please contact us at itrexpo@itrexpo.com.

Thank you for your support!

-Type-R Club of America



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