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 FS: Genuine USDM ITR Accessory Aluminum Oil Caps
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  FS: Genuine USDM ITR Accessory Aluminum Oil Caps« » Reply  Edit

These were available as an accessory toward the end of the ITR's life cycle in the USA. 100% aluminum.

$75 OBO shipped for the silver one. It's in good condition and should be able to be polished up (although it may be clear coated...not sure). Technically it does not say "Type R" on it anywhere (even though it was a genuine ITR accessory) so it'd be at home on most any Acura.

Not sure I'm selling the BNIB red one just yet. Mostly posted a pic for reference.

Mugen cap has been sold.

Modified by Todd00 at 7:37 PM 1/3/2017


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