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 2000 FBP Turbocharged ITR - 55,445 miles - eBay: $19,999
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Archived. The pinstripe makes this one vaguely familiar but not sure. Interesting accents inside and out haha.

2000 Black ITR
Badge: 00-1403
VIN: JH4DC2313YS004972
Listed Mileage: 55,445
Location: Florida
Asking: $19,999

Seller Comments:
I have a 2000 Acura Integra Type R Turbo for sale. #1403 out of ONLY 2000 made. All Numbers matching car. You are not going to find another Type-R in this condition for this low of a price!
55445k Miles
AEM programmable computer management system
Mishimoto radiator
ACT Clutch, light weight flywheel
Complete custom exhaust system with 4'' down pipe

Original B18C5 block built for the turbo setup w/5k miles on the motor making 350HP to 700HP
JE pistons with titanium keepers, Nitro Ring set, short pin rods, chevatte bearing set, balanced and blue printed. Cylinder head ported and polished.
360 Comp Turbo
5'' Front mount Intercooler system
MSD high Performance wire set and coil
TIAL waste gate

AC blows cold, no mechanical issues at all with this car.
All chrome accents that were added can be easily removed if you do not want them.

Mickey Thompson drag radials for the front and Nittos Neo Gen for the rear

One owner, 1 accident (Someone backed into the front bumper back in 2013)
Always garage kept.
Floor mats and steering wheel have been covered since new and show very little wear.
Original Window sticker and sales invoice are included
Two Keys and owners manual come with this rare find
Title free and clear in hand
Sold As Is.

Pics Album: http://s303.photobucket.com/us...orida

98-0034 - Track Daze y0
00-XXXX - The OG NOPI Fish Tank Type R - SOLD

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