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 2017 HPDE Schedules
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Coming soon as schedules start to be announced.

This will mostly be East/Northeast related with some ITR specific and misc events thrown in like my thread for 2016.

Compiling the Northeast HPDE track and event schedules for various sanctioning bodies and tracks. May expand this to other areas as well. Feel free to add anything you may have and I'll update the list and calendar accordingly.

Lets try to coordinate and get some R owners together. I am only listing the HPDE events noted on published schedules (subject to change of course). Early registration discounts for a lot of these organizations so keep that mind.

I created a Google Calendar as well for those of you who dont like lists. You should be able to add your own events as well but I might need to tweak some settings for that to work properly. Let me know.


Other Resources:
Motorsport Reg Event Calendar MotorsportReg can be used to sign up for some events
Club Registration which can be used to sign up for some events (PCA).
Metro NY PCA group

ITR Specific and Misc

NASA NE http://nasane.com/events_registration

PCA https://www.pca.org/events
**Many PCA chapters or region events are Porsches/Members only, please check registration details**
- Schattenbaum region seems to allow all makes/models
- Metry NY, Hudson Champlain, Hudson Valley regions seem to limit to Porsche/Members only

Hooked on Driving (HOD) https://www.hookedondriving.co...vents

SCCA Track Night in America http://www.tracknightinamerica.com/
Generally less than $150 to participate. 3 20min sessions. All events are typically late afternoon through the evening.

Track Time 4 Cars [url]http://tracktime4cars.com/event_schedule.php[/url]
**Most events are Advance drivers only, check registration details.

EMRA http://www.emraracing.org/schedule

Chin Motorsports http://www.chinmotorsports.com/Calendar.aspx

BMW CCA https://www.bmwcca.org/calendar
- BMW CCA allows all makes and models for their HPDE driving school events. You likely need to have a membership with them which is $48.

Other Sanctioning Bodies/Tracks to consider:
NY Safety Track (Harpersfield, NY)
DeMonte Motorsports
Audi Club
COM Sports Car Club
APEX Driving Events

98-0034 - Track Daze y0
00-XXXX - The OG NOPI Fish Tank Type R - SOLD

My For Sale thread ITR and Misc Parts For Sale

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 « Re: 2017 HPDE schedules (RTW DC2R)« » Reply  Edit

Thank you for taking over this. The efforts are much appreciated. Stickied.
98-0197 - Sold
01-0187 - Sold
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