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 Great deal on a PY Itr for someone
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Seller says it sold already. Im 99% positive this is the same car as below. Its likely a 2000 and not a 2001 based on previous info.


2000 PY ITR
Badge: 00-1446
VIN: JH4DC231XYS005102
Listed Mileage: see notes below
Location: Massachusetts
Asking: $5500-7000

Seller Comments:
What's up CL,

Looking to sell my REAL Acura Integra Type R. No it's not a replica! Badge Number 1446. 2001 with 72,000 Original miles. This car had never been painted besides when I Re sprayed the engine bay. No shaved holes, or anything extra, just original PY paint. Interior is fully intact with original seats front and back. No burnsrios or tear. 8.5/10 in the he Interior. The exterior has never been painted. Still has the original paint from the factory so it has shine but isn't vibrant. This cars conditions is Excelent. The engine currently in it is a K20a3 with 106k purchased from LKQ with papers and receipts. CLEAN TITLE IN HAND!! This car is 9/10 all around. I purchased it 4 years ago and have not found the time to fully finish it. All that is needed is an ecu for the car and axles. Again I haven't gotten the time to finish the project but everything is there. I have a USDM 2001 front end and a JDM front end that will both come with the car. Radiator and all extras included. I will list I couple but I'm sure I will miss plenty..

-Stage 3 Comp Clutch
-comp light weight fly wheel
-Hybrid racing shifter
-hasport swap mounts
-type S manifold
-stainless brake lines
-adjustable coulovers
-blackworks LCA
-ASR tie bar
-BDL fuel rail
-AEM Fpr
-Mishimoto Half Rad w hoses
-Fal Fan
-k swap tractionbar
-Front and rear camber kit
-etc etc etc

5,500$ For Complete Shell w K-Swap
7,000$ For Everything Obo

I also have a Full Race RamHorn turbo kit (Garrett GT35R turbo) for B series with full wiring/ Neptune ECU/ and all bolts and V band couplers.

Also a JDM GsR head I had sent to get Fully ported and the valve seats Re worked with receipts for everythingg. Full super tech valvetrain incase you plan to go B series.

Not crazy to sell just tossing it up to see what serious buyers are out there. With axles, an ecu, and some fluids the car will be running but I just lost interest over the years. I have tons of pictures and videos I can send. I don't mind showing the car to serious buyers but I also won't be showing it off. Please don't wast my time or yours... I'm hoping to sell the whole lot for no more than 7,000$ that's the car with 70k clean title NO RUST EVERRR, with K-Swap, Full Race Turbo kit, Fully ported head. If not I'm willing to negotiate the Type R shell. My pictures show the worth so please don't low ball me. These mileage and this many original parts is hard to find.

Thank you for your time. Contact for more questions through text for fastest response!


Pics Album: http://s303.photobucket.com/us...setts

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