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 Car Classifieds Rules - Updated 4/19/2015
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Car Classifieds Forum Rules (Last Update: 5/3/2011)

1. Sales are limited to Acura Integra Type-R automobiles.

2. Posts should be made by members selling their cars or posting about Type-Rs for sale in their area.

3. Moderators of this forum (or a Site Admin) can ask for the VIN of the car at anytime to verify it is a legitimate sale.

4. When posting a Car for sale, you MUST include the State name in the Thread TITLE. For areas such as Southern California "SoCal" is acceptable.

5. Pictures and price must be included when you create the thread.

If you have a problem with any of these rules, simply do not post your ad here. The rules have been made to protect and serve all members of this site. We reserve the right to remove or lock any posts we feel do not meet these terms.

Thanks for your understanding.



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6. Excessive negative commentary is not allowed. If the seller is running a scam, contact a moderator.

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